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The Feather Mechanic
Beyond the Pattern

by Gordon van der Spuy

Second edition of "The Feather Mechanic" Vol 1 NOW BACK IN PRINT!

"a great book, with a great approach to fly-tying" Hans van Klinken

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The Feather Mechanic Reviews:

Fly Life Australia - "a stand out amongst recently released fly books"

Global Fly Fisherman - "I have been looking forward to this book for a while. And it doesn’t disappoint"

Flyfishing and Flytying magazine UK-

"Smashing book! Very readable, good ideas and plenty of energy and enthusiasm."

Tom Sutcliffe (South African fly-fishing icon)-" I rate this book among the very best ever published on that oft-times confounding, but always captivating addiction, called fly tying." 

Step-by-step fly tying: Easy Peasy Ant by Gordon van der Spuy
Easy-Peasy Hopper
THE CRAFT - " The Feather Mechanic - A fly tyers philosophy" a film about Gordon Van der Spuy
Salmon-fly tying zoom session with the feather mechanic
The Feather Mechanic ties the Caddis Fly
The philosophy of "The Feather Mechanic"
Fast Ties with the Feather Mechanic - The Skinny Damsel


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